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Augmented Reality In The Workplace

Augmented Reality is mostly thought of as science fiction, but that is simply not true, AR is real and a very useful technology, which finds its application in everyday life. The transformation has allready occured, the future is here and it is virtual.

The AR term has several definition gradations, but the essential is that it combines data from a physical world to the one that was created with digital tools. The user sees the reality that is overlaid with computer-generated information. Applications and possibilities are endless. It could assist a makeup artist matching your skin color with the aid of AR, or an auto parts store associate using AR to show you how to insert a new air filter. The door to AR has been opened.


  • Better-Training: Run through an AR simulation to grasp a concept or a procedure.
  • Visualising Objects: AR can also offer a better sense of what a finished product would be like.
  • Better Customer Service: Staff can help customers find compatible parts using the aid of AR.
  • New Ways of Working: Managers monitor work progress in real time through AR markers on equipment.

Applications of Ar

AR can be useful in a number of applications within a company or corporation. Wether you are an employee or an employer it's guaranteed you will see AR becoming an important tool for your workplace.