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Take your renderings to
the third demension

Models to holograms

models to holograms

Making Holograms is easy with our software. Simply import your FBX models into Highly Altered. Put on your Hololens to place them in the real world. Rotate, scale, ans reposition as needed. Trust us; it's awesome.

Web friendly demos

Web friendly demos

Want to show off your models on your web-page? No Problem. Our WebGL application can be added to your website and allow you or your customers to cycle through sets of models and manipulate them as desired. Try it out!

Changing our world

A 3-Dimensional win

Our Single-Sign-On services gives you unlimited access to both of these apps, any time, and any place, for one low monthly rate. Add them to your Consortium Software SSO today for holograms that are probably more affordable than your coffee bill!